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 Ja Ja Siberians  

 Siberians are Russian Forest Cats 


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 Ja Ja Siberians

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 I have a lot of photographs -- too many

 to display here on the WEB 

 Please email me for more specifics and 

 I'll send picx individually to you.....


 beautiful angel Princess 


 Angie is a cameo

 A cameo is in the silver family in combination with the red gene 

 very iridescent, pretty...

 Her eyes were blue at birth, and are

 now turning into a beautiful copper color

 my little angels come from up above 

  they come for you and me........

 another special angel 

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 Prince Ja Ja Ivan 

 is now residing in South Fort Myers, FL 

  Ivy is a cameo McTabby and white Siberian 

 Princess Champion Ja Ja Zosephine 

 ZÖe has such beautiful deep blue eyes


    Zöe at Cat show   

  below Zöe's baby picx 



 notice Zöe's stunning dark blue eyes


 She is a Neva Masquerade

 which means she is a pointed Siberian



 Zöe as she appears today !





Angels now available 



NEVA MASQUERADE means pointed Siberian

 with blue colored eyes.... they are simply gorgeous .........

  and gorgeous ocean colored eyes....



  .....My Little Margie

  Transcribed from Cab Calloway and His Orchestra, recorded January 23, 1934.
From Cab Calloway and His Orchestra 1932-1934; The Chronological Classics 544.

My little Margie,
I'm always thinking of you, Margie!
I'll tell the whole wide world I love you;
Don't forget your promise to me,
You know, I bought the home, ring and everything,
So, my little Margie,
Margie, oh, you've been my inspiration,
Darling, you're the only one!
After all is said and done,
There is really only one,
Margie, Margie, it's you!


 photos sent to you by email upon request......


 please let me know if you have specific interests


 in a princess or a prince


 or if you have a color preference


 Neva Masquerades are pointed Siberians...


 they have blue colored eyes


with blue, lavender, red, seal, crëme*

*crème is a very light peach or pink


 we have a couple very nice tabbies at the moment, a litter with a red McTabby with

white,  a lavender, and a cameo....please request pictures via emailing......


Angel in sky with stars    

 Siberians are little angels sent from Above

 ....Neva Masquerades ....

 Neva Masquerade translated means

 'pointed Siberians' that have blue colored eyes

 and present with ear color markings called color points

 with gorgeous blue colored eyes

 Their blue colored eyes are like the Neva River in Russia.

 Neva (River in Russia) Masquerade means pointed Siberian....

 They are beautiful little angels with gorgeous, intelligent blue eyes

 there are blue, seal, crème, or red with accompanying points. 


  please email to drjanicehughes@aol.com  

 for picx to be sent directly to your email....

 picx of precious little angels sent to you upon request.......



 Ja Ja is proud to announce


# 1 Best Alter Siberian 

USA 2012

 # 1 USA Best Alter 2012

 Grand Ch. Ja Ja Angehka


Best Siberian Alter #1 USA


 Top of the List for 2012




#1 Best Siberian  

 USA 2012 

  Grand Champion Ja Ja Maximilian 





  Pointed Siberians are called  NevaMasquarades 

 they have beautiful deep blue eyes 

This is Max and what beautiful, big blue eyes you have..... 


   Max is the son of Quad Triple Grand Champion EREK 

 In the Show Ring: above with Judge Melissa Schmidt

 Grand Champion Ja Ja Maximilian

 Grand Champion Ja Ja Maximilian

 #1 Siberian in USA 2012




 Quad Grand Champion Inspiration Erek of Ja Ja

  #1 BEST Siberian USA 2007 and 2008

 Like FATHER like SON






  Grand  Champions   

 Grand Champion Ja Ja Kobi Desert Sand 


 Siberians are like little  angels from Above

 now available Prince Ivan

 age four months

 Red McTabby and White

 with white boots



 # 1 Best Siberian Kitten USA 2012

Ja Ja Oksana



 Who am I?

 I am Grand Champion Ja Ja Nikolii

 see me in my show picx below 


  Grand Champion Ja Ja Nikolii   

#2 USA Best Alter 2012



 Grand Champion Ja Ja Maximilian



 Roxy at the show

 Princess Ja Ja Okana

#1 Best Siberian Kitten in USA 2012 


  Below is Leo, a Red McTabby and white 




 Leo was adopted and now resides in Wisconsin ....

 He is very endearing, loving and friendly ... living with a wonderful family.

 Leo is smart and has become a purrrrfect man-of-all-seasons-companion. 

 Before his adoption, Leo was altered and had all of his vaccinations. 


This is a very big WEB site with a lot of information and many photographs ... (so navigation may be a little slow) It seems to  grow like a kitten!          


 Ja Ja Siberians

 Below are the parents, starting off with our Amazing Erek  

 (#1 Siberian in USA 2007 and  2008)

 Erek wowed judges and audiences... with his amazing presence

 Erek is always ready to meet and greet our visitors. 

Pictured above  

 Grand Champion Inspiration Erek of Ja Ja

 Erek was #1 Siberian in the USA

 ACFA 2007 and 2008

 Recent picx of Erek

  now age eight 

 enjoying his well-earned

 retirement - relaxing by the pool



 Grand Champion China Chin Chin ...

 China is a RagaMuffin, an angel and a star here at Ja Ja

 I like to include her because she is just

 star quality, such an amazing beauty and

 just star qualtiy......truly an angel........   




    English imported Hector 





 Champion Inspiration Hector of Ja Ja

 Hector is a beautiful Siberian with a sweet face ...

    a lovely expression.... magistic

  I love this stunning guy 

 He is a magnificent big-big Prince of a fella 

Truly an angel from up above..... 


 Hector is from England (from Jenny's Inspiration Cattery).

He is a red McTabby with White

Hector became a purrfect addition to our breeding program. 




 For faster responses


 please email me @ drjanicehughes@aol.com


  In order to address your inquiry as to specifics,

 please give some information about your interests:

 For Example: Do you wish for a Prince or Princess ?

 Color Preferences?  Blue, Crème, Cameo, McTabby, Red, Tortoiseshell;

 Neva Masquerade (Pointed blue-eyed Siberian)

 Age: Kittens (12-16 weeks and up),

 Siberians are almost age 4 0R 5 before they fully mature

 Preadolescents (under 10 months),

 Adolescents (11 MONTHS AND UP),

 Mature Adults (age 4 and up)

email me at:


Selecting your little angel is a commitment of love




 The Siberian Forest Cat breed originated in the Russian Siberian forests.

 Siberian kittens are little Angels who are sent to us

 from somewhere up above

  Kittens turn into marvelous big Angels 

 please email for today's /current photos 


 for day-to-day

 information and pictures I do best on email 

 I am sorry that I am very hard to catch via cell or telephone 

 ....though not impossible 

 I am very good with email correspondence  



  Newly arrived:  Kittens now available

Kittens are now just ready for their new adoptive homes

 Princes and Princesses 

site updated ~ April 2014 

 April 1st 

 Cameos and Neva Masquerades (pointed Siberians with        

blue  Colored eyes... Lynx....  (see pictures on page two)

 Available are gorgeous Siberian little angels just waiting for your loving arms to reach out to them 

 email me at drjanicehughes@aol.com

 for individual pictures

  of what you are looking to adopt....

 My Siberians have lovely, beautiful faces

 with sweet expressive eyes.... they are smart, 

 amazingly clever and sooooooooo playful,

 fantastic, exceptional personalities 

 they are just the best...

 Siberians can wear a harness and be taught to walk

 alongside you on a leash ....

  The Siberians are fun-loving and play with 

  Shadow, our ShihTzu .... and our Maltese, a

 tea cup (Lilliputian) thus LilliPearl who runs the house!

They are a riot to watch as they run after each other... 

  they are so SMART!


 There are Angels Among Us



 Our Siberians are truly angels sent

 from somewhere up above

 ... they are an endearing sweet and loving little baby

 first and foremost they are furry lap kittens

 who not only are curious as kittens should be ...

  though playful, pretty, exquisite ...

 AND not only do they have

 the temperament and personality,

 ... you will note from early on ...

 they exhibit correct conformation with 

 breadth of chest and boning

 as the breed standard requires...



 above is a beautiful Siberian Prince 

 showing everything a Siberian should have: 

 boning, shoulders, substance, looks, 

 sweet eye expression 

 color, gorgeous head and set of ears....

Without a doubt, he is purrrfect


    VISA    M/C     AM/EX      Discovery 

merchant services



 make a wish... believe... and follow your dream!  

   Live     Love     Laugh   



 Russian Siberians are Siberian Forest Cats from Russia


 Siberians are Russia's National Cat






   email:  drjanicehughes@aol.com 




   Life at Ja Ja   

We at Ja Ja (JAnice & JAmes) believe that the secret to a healthy family of kitties is for them to have plenty of fresh air. Here in Florida our kitties are in and out of the house (lanai) all day and every day. They love being out on the lanai watching the ducks, or seeing the fish jump in the canal. They never give up trying to catch the elusive green anoles (native lizards) and they enjoy running and chasing each other. We are cageless! Our kitties/kittens do not live in catteries or in separated rooms or in the garage. When born they are kept safe -- free from harm... as they venture out on their own, they begin to explore their new environment little by little. They are reared in a loving home atmosphere with a lot of personal touching, talking, and attention.


My private practice is in our home where they become used to children, adolescents, adults, etc., and are more socialized and used to different voices and many noises.


 Janice and James (Ja Ja) 


At around the age of seven-to-eight weeks, the babies develop self-confidence and begin practicing their running and jumping. They have the run of the house/lanai which is huge running all across the back of our home... 24 feet of sliders and five other rear doors lead to it... the kittens/kitties can come and go... I love living where I can bring the 'outdoors in' and the 'indoors out.' 


Life here at Ja Ja is wonderful....everyone is free to run and play....take naps, listen to classical music and/or other light easy listening/jazz music, and even watch a little television. (Their favorite channel - truly - is "Animal Planet"!)


We have many litter boxes around, which are picked up when we have guests.... and the kittens/kitties often cannot come to the parties!!!.. as they do indeed offend some guests who are not into multiple kitties at our 'Kat Haus.' or may complain of being allergic (though Siberians are represented as being hypoallergenic). When guests come for dinner, the kittens/kitties can create havoc as you can imagine.  In general, the kitties like flowers and candlelight, new teasers, paper bags, boxes, window seats, tree houses, and condos, food in general, catnip, and and all kinds of toys especially 'crackle' types.



                  We are in Florida....     

     Where the sun always shines   


Kitties enjoy watching the fish splash as they jump up out of the water and dive back (Mullets) or they just relax and just watch birds or anoles ... They have a great life. There are several gardenia bushes across the back of our lanai and the aroma is noticed by everyone including the kitties. The kittens / kitties just love being on the lanai to hear the noisy yet beautiful songs that the mockingbirds sing, chase anoles (lizards), and/or follow the ducks, Ibis, or Egrets. They play chasing each other, find toys, lie around, take naps within the aroma of the gardenias, feeling the warm, sunny breezes... They love the Florida climate with its warmth and continuous sunshine. I truly believe that the reason we do not have sick kittens / kitties is because they have a lot of sunshine and plenty of fresh air just about any time they wish.

Of course, they love being inside and nap everywhere... inside the jardinières, on top of the entertainment center, etc. Alternating between themselves, they sleep on our bed at night... they take turns and literally 'flop' here and there. 

We entertain a fair amount so when I have a dinner / bridge party, I do put them into kitty domains or they are stuck in our master bedroom for the evening....they do not mind. (In fact, the domains are on the lanai and are generally left open ... at will, they climb in and out of them.) These simple large sized catteries help to contain our kitties for a variety of reasons besides entertaining guests who do not particularly want to be with a zillion kitties. Some reasons for containment would be:

1.) a queen in season 2.) bathing and readying for a show weekend 3) kittens bathed and ready for a visit to see if they might be chosen 4) a kitten/kitty freshly bathed and ready to be collected by his/her new family. Mainly though, it is for   company, for example, guests invited to a dinner party (believe me, if the tables are set the night before with crystal and china then as one could expect… you're right... a disaster… ) Trust me, I've learned the hard way!

Once I had left a few roaming the house while I was busy cooking and I found my flowers on the table in disarray.
Having the kitties / kittens running around when we are getting ready for parties does not work. Once they tipped over an arrangement of flowers on a nicely set table and it had to be dismantled and the linen had to be dried and ironed. Also, my friends do not appreciate kitties on the counters, etc., up on tables, etc. They love plants and flowers. My plants and orchids are up on stands (nothing is really 'kitty-proof) or literally in gardens around the house.

When the girls are calling (i.e. are in season) they are separated from the others. They always have company and are not left isolated and alone. When a mating is desired, the future mom and dad are put together in a quiet, secure place. 

I also use the kitty domains when getting ready for the shows, or when they are not going to shows but are being bathed / groomed... where they can air dry in the breeze and stay nice from their bathing. Once dry, they are out and about again. We do not keep our kitties or kittens in separate rooms or the garage. In all, I am against caging or keeping kittens/kitties in captivity and in my opinion there is no cage large enough... they are markedly restrictive and I want my kitties and kittens to enjoy family living in freedom. 

Living here is truly a haven for them and I want my little princes and princesses to have wonderful homes where they are beloved and free to enjoy life as royals in their palace... Queen or King of the castle... LOL... just like they do here. 

Not only do they play with toys, they actually have their favorite buddies and pal around with them. They nap together and just hang out with their buddies. They do not fight but occasionally do have their differences. We have lots of kitty boxes, water bowls, and feeding dishes, so they do not have to fight for survival and the pecking order is minimal. With our mindfulness and watchfulness, this would be a behavior we would control anyway.  Yes, the kitties can swim!

  In the back of the lanai, gardenia bushes bloom continuously about seven months of the year.....the aroma when in full bloom  is glorious. The gardenia happens to be my favorite flower of all. I still have not been able to acquire the lovely perfume (eau de cologne) Chanel Gardenia... LOL. 

Beside the gardenia are Bromeliad gardens.  How lucky to be in Florida where flowers bloom year roun



Siberians love to to be on our lanai ... they love to be in boxes and baskets and often climb into my fish bowls (not aquarium type) or any nook and cranny ..... The Sibs and Muffins too, love climbing ..... and kitty condos and cat trees (specially made furniture for climbing) are ideal for them 


They love getting behind things and on top of shelves....on top of pillows, love being on rugs, laundry ready to fold, anything cushy, under covers, blankets, and are into cupboards, cabinets, and into my big pottery pots (fish bowls) etc. ... LOL! 


They are such adventurous little angels... so much fun !  

 They can really leap - called 'flying.'   


'....a cat for all seasons 

...... for all the right reasons' 



 Feeding Our Kittens and Kitties

Kittens and Adult Cats = Life's Abundance

I have been with Life's Abundance since 2003

  What Do our Ja Ja Kittens and Kitties (adult cats) thrive on ...  ??? 

    Their food (diet) is Life's Abundance®   


 tel:  877-387-4564)


 please use my number when ordering:   #  10047464  

 ... Which is always available, as is plenty of fresh water in large, clean, ceramic bowls.  It is amazing to me as to how much water they consume and they even enjoy drinking water out of the pool.


 Supplements from  www.lifeabundance.com are their favorite treats. 

 Just shake the bottle and kitties and little tiny kittens come running



 At the the sound of the bottle being shaken... they come running, as they do   when they hear the snap of the 'Instinctive' can (Instinctive is a wet kitten/kitty tinned food). 




 adoption fees 

Kittens are nine hundred dollars. Older kittens, adolescents, are between five and seven hundred dollars....a fairly young retired breeder is usually five hundred dollars. Fees are negotiable.  Older retired breeding Siberians are available without a fee. Siberians live a very long life and can surpass age twenty-five. Fees do not include health certificates, interstate travel expenses such as shipping, and an airline carrier. Additional fees, such as micro-chipping, neuter/spay expenses, etc., are optional. 


 Ja Ja is a registered CFA and ACFA cattery

 Ja Ja holds memberships with ACFA, CFA, & UFO

and local PCCF (Platinum Coast Cat Fanciers)


Officer in all breed cat club, 

Platinum Coast Cat Fancier (PCCF)

CFA and ACFA and UFO


merchant services



 My interest is not just kitties, I've been involved with children and families for over forty years. I'm a private therapist who has deep concerns for children, adolescents, adults, couples and families... and especially for children who fail in school and drop out of their educational opportunities ......Additionally, I have now become more active with elders and make several in-home visits offering supportive therapy.  Those Seniors with pets do soooo much better ....pet therapy has no limits.

...a kitty for all seasons and for allllllll reasons ..... 

 View my web page. See below     


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 please email for information and photos

 for fast response please email:



 Available NOW

Kittens and a couple of adolescents

please email


email for day-to-day

information and pictures

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 helping children and families

More Kittens

see Page 2


       What are Siberians like ?    

   Siberians are little angels with a zest for life. While certainly lap kitties,' their calmness as kitties is so endearing, making them prrrrrfect for the lap...... Siberians love to be loved and equally give back unlimited affection and love. Siberians are keen, smart, clever and curious (down-right nosy). They are playful and quiet but talkative and many have a very loud purring motor.  They get along well with our Maltese, the two parrots, Lucy and Magnum, and the other kitties. They come running and are always there to greet you when they hear the doorbell ring.....

They love life and enjoy company

  (and the TV program "Animal Planets"!)  


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   Affiliations/Cat Clubs  


Siberians are Russian Forest Cats imported from Russia

Our foundation Queen, Grand Champion Dauria Leda is directly from Russia

This is a very long page with additional pages, i.e., History,   Standard of Breed, Acclimatization,  Adoption fees, notes, pictures, etc., and I  hope you  enjoy the Russian music by Tchaikovski....




 Ja Ja is proud to present 



   #1 Top Winning Siberians     


 Show Kitties (Siberian Breed) in USA (ACFA & UFO) 


 Quad Grand Champion Inspiration Erek of Ja Ja #1 Siberian in 2007 & 2008    


and his son, Grand Champion Ja Ja Maximilian #1 Siberian in USA 2011.........  


       This stunning, gorgeous 'Cameo-colored' Siberian was bred by Jenny Carter of England. Erek was the # I USA top winning Siberian for 2007 and 2008 and is now retired. Throughout his show career, he continued to wow the judges. Erek is a natural 'show-man' who loves the limelight. He was always 'up' for a show. Erek is unlike most kitties:  he is very-very human-person like, has enormous 'presence,' and is a very-very self-assured kitty. Always a gentleman, a great father to his kin and to other household kitties, extremely smart, and lovable to us.

It was with great regret when I learned that Jennifer Carter (England) of

Inspiration Siberians is no longer breeding kitties... My Siberian Breeders came from Jenny except for Leda, a Dauria Russian Royal from Dauria directly from Russia.


Inspiration Siberians continues to pass on not only their correct conformation, physical attributes, stamina, energy and good looks but also their lovely superb temperaments and dispositions... their personality cannot be compared... They are truly angels sent from above. Dauria continues to be a leader among Russian Siberian Breeders. Leda is a very strong foundation queen with amazing intelligence and personality........




  Grand Champion Inspiration Erek of Ja Ja  -- in the show ring with judge Doug Blackmore 



Showing Siberians 

We enjoy presenting our Ja Ja Siberians and Ja Ja RagaMuffins at CFA, ACFA, and UFO cat shows.  The kitten / kitty is judged according to the breed standard.  The kitten / kitty is always well groomed and deemed to be in good condition.  Erek is full of personality and is a real showman. He loves showing and getting the judge's attention, and putting on a 'Cameo Appearance'.











   Ja Ja = Excellence  

 About Our Siberians





   Quad Grand Champion Inspiration Erek of Ja Ja  




Erek is a handsome Grand Champion and the #1 winning Siberian (ACFA & UFO) for 2007 and 2008.  He has the best of the best temperaments and personalities. He is an extrovert and loves to put on a show. Erek talks and chirps, and loves the babies... he is ever mindful of them and loves to cuddle with them.  Erek was imported from northern England, where his breeder was Jenny Carter. In 2008, Jim visited England and returned with Anoushka, Hector, and Felichita all from Inspiration (Jenny Carter, Breeder).



 Imported directly from Russia


   Champion Dauria Leda    


Champion Dauria Leda was imported from Russia. We are very happy and lucky to have her, as she was not registerable except through TICA. With a lot of effort, I was able to track down her breeder, Tatiana Mareeva, who was able to help me get her World Cat Federation (Felinological Association of Russia) pedigree in English. Thus, I am forever grateful to Tatiana.  




When Tatiana made that possible, Leda was registered with ACFA, CFA, & UFO.

I believe these are the ultimate cats. They are comparable to our RagaMuffins in the sense that they mature very slowly (3½-5 years) and live to be 20-30 years.  (Often this is determined by safety features and contributing diet... we feed an all-natural diet especially designed for felines).



 Leda relaxing and looking up at a teaser 








  What Do I Feed My Kitties? 


 Life's Abundance -- to order or review web site @ www.lifesabundance.com/DrJaniceHughes


 save $$$ when you sign up for Autoship


 please give my rep number 100474640






 telephone them @ 1-877-387-4564


 Life's Abundance facilities in Florida, California and Illinois



The small rebate I receive from new and continuing Life's Abundance customers helps to defray my shipping costs...


Life's Abundance is a natural food........it contains no additives, no artificial preservatives, no wheat, dairy, corn, etc..... Life's Abundance has been prepared in small batches shipped to your doorstep within a few days. Also, now available is a wet (tinned) food called "Instinctive Choice".





 This little 3-month old princess is available



Siberians are 'forever young' and are always ready to play. They have an extremely loud purr and chirp (chirrup). They are very busy talking and interacting with me. Like RagaMuffins, the Sibs are very affectionate and want to be with people. They are independent, but like to follow and are always at the door when I arrive back home after going out. They love toys - especially fresh catnip knotted into a sock and teasers.  






  Janice  &  James  =  Ja Ja


   Ja Ja = excellence  



Musical accompaniment by Van Cliburn playing

the Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 in B Flat Minor



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 Siberian Kitties which originated from the Russian forests (read  elsewhere for their amazing history) soon became a favorite  household family member and today they remain the Russian National Kisha.   (In Russian Kisha means cat) ! 




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